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Achilles is a dark gray and blue (he is mostly depicted as being a very dark blue tabby tom) with dark, midnight blue eyes.

Current Alliance Rogues
Past Alliance(s) None
Mother Thetis
Father Peleus
Littermates None
Mate Persephone
Kit(s) Neoptolemus, Asteria (TPOSS)
Roleplayer Icy


Archilles is the illegitimate son of Thetis and Peleus. His father often beat him an his mother (he was ordered by Fang to do so), and when Thetis tried to run away she was hit by a car and died. Achilles eventually succeeded in running away an met an elderly she-cat named Hestia and her granddaughter, Persephone. He and Persephone were best friends growing up and fell in love when they became adults. Persephone was murdered by Fang and his group while she was expecting kits (Neoptolemus), who also killed their adoptive daughter Asteria. Achilles was determined to get revenge, so he killed Fang (with the help of several other cats, including his rival, Paris) and forced his group to disband.

He is a very good and talented fighter, though he has average hunting abilities.  He has often been described as handsome and many she-cats have fallen in love with him (Even against Icewish's protests about this), but he only loves Persephone and no one else.


Achilles is very temperamental and becomes angry easily.  He shouts and curses often, especially at people who he dislikes.  Though, he can be very kind and is very selfless.  He takes insults very personally and is quite sensitive to criticism.

He and Paris fight over everything, no matter how insignificant it is, and sometimes they still argue even if they have the same opinion on something.

He is very kind to she-cats, and is often seen helping them with hunting, fighting, etc.


  • His eyes are a very dark blue in color because his irises never developed properly, resulting in poor vision.
    • He is nearsighted.
    • Poor vision and eyes disease runs in his family.

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