Aeolus is a tall, handsome, dark gray tom with dark blue eyes, with silver paws and tail tip.  Despite is physical appearance, he is not very strong.


Aeolus is the son of Amphitrite and Poseidon.  His sister is Thetis.  When his sister was captured by Fang's Group, Aeolus tried to save her, but failed and was forced to flee from Twoleg Place and moved to a different one.  For an unknown reason, he was forced out of that one as well a few moons later.  He met a clan cat named Goldenstar and the two fell in love. 

Aeolus, despite being the leader's mate, was hated in his new clan.  He left one day and Goldenstar was extremely upset about this.  She was waiting to tell him that she was expecting his kits, but never got to tell him.  She gave birth to two kits named Moonflight and Leafspots, and the two were never told about their real father and it was said that their father was a brave clan cat who died in battle before they were born. 

One day, Aeolus returned, and his kits, who were now warriors,  tried to kill him once Goldenstar told them that a rogue was their father.  Goldenstar broke up the fight and Aeolus was badly wounded.  Leafspots eventually realized that why he hated his real father was very stupid, so he got over it and even tried to form a father-son relationship between the two.  Moonflight, however, hated her father even more.  She tried countless atempts to murder her father while making it seem like an accident or suicide.  But every time, Aeolus outsmarted his daughter and avoided death. 

One day, twolegs invaded the clan.  They killed every clan cat, including Goldenstar, to build a new twoleg place.  Aeolus was the only survivor due to his prior knowledge to twolegs.  He fled to the twoleg place were he was born in now that Fang is dead.