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"You just messed with the wrong kitty."
— Aksandria to Menelaus in Rogue RP

Aksandria is a willowy, snow white she-cat with a golden underbelly. Her paws are gold also, and her eyes are a piercing shade of ice blue. She has three faint golden stripes down her forehead.


She had been Clanless her whole life. Her family weren't around often, so she got used to living alone. At an apprentice age, she left her family to live by herself. It wasn't hard to manage around a place with an endless food supply even in shadow-time. Never did it matter where she was, who she was with, and whenever it was she would find the best of everything.


  • Aksandria has her own names for many different things. She calls Twolegs Tallstanders, leaf-bare shadow-time, newleaf petal-time, greenleaf sun-time, and leaf-fall wind-time.
  • Her name does not mean anything that Silverfang knows of, but is randomly made from her wild imagination.
  • She could be considered an optimistic.