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"You mouse-brain! You scared off my mouse!"
— Ambersoul to Branchtail in MossClan

Current Clan MossClan
Past Clan(s) None
Names Ambersoul
Mother Morningbird
Father Falconstrike
Littermates Strikekit
Mate Branchtail
Kit(s) Dewkit- tiny silver she-kit

Lilykit- ginger she-kit

Nightkit- black tom

Silverkit- silver she-kit

Mentor(s) Blizzardscream- Now resides in the place of Starry Skies
Apprentice(s) Pepperpaw- In the place of Starry Skies
Roleplayer Lilly

Ambersoul is a sandy coloured she-cat with amber eyes like tiny suns. She is of a slender build and has thick, glossy fur. Her paws are white.


Amberkit was born in the MossClan nursery along with her only littermate, Strikekit. She had a heart of gold and always listened to her mother. They called her the best behaved, and sometimes even the best loved, kit in the nursery. But all was about to change soon enough...

Amberkit was sat underneath a tree outside camp, having snuck out to have some private thoughts, when Darkclaw's grey, smudged pelt raced by, flashes of red in his paws as a kit, Strikekit actually, who had been watching Darkclaw converse with a traitor, was tottering slowly back to camp. Strikekit was almost killed by the deathberries he was later fed, and left to become a kittypet by the name of Strike.

Amberkit was distraught as she watched her brother's tail disappear as he headed towards the Twolegplace. Both her parents had died and now she was under the care of a foster mother, Lizardtail. Lizardtail despised Amberkit, because Lizardtail and Amberkit's mother, Morningbird, had once loved the same tom- his name was Falconstrike. When Falconstrike chose Morningbird, Lizardtail went insane, killing Morningbird in revenge. Now she thought she could hurt Morningbird's spirit by mistreating Amberkit.

Amberkit was fed up of being yelled at and bitten and scratched, but Lizardtail's threats to rip out her throat restrained her from telling anyone. She made friends with Lunakit, a young white she-cat from Treetail's litter. Sometimes she thought that Lunakit kept her alive. Lunakit was always optimistic.

On the day that was meant to be Amberkit's apprentice ceremony, Lunakit died of greencough, like Treetail, and also Lizardtail. Amberpaw became cold and solitary, training only with her mentor and refused to speak to any cat. She made friends with a loner, Yuri, a young grey tom with comforting blue eyes.The newly named Ambersoul became a great warrior, but snappy rather than solitary.


Ambersoul is very snappy and impatient. She can get very ratty if ignored and often gets the wrong end of the stick.


Lizardtail: Foster Mother (deceased)

Morningbird: Mother (deceased)

Falconstrike: Father (deceased) 

Strike: Littermate (now a kittypet)


  • She also appears on NightClan Roleplaying Wiki.
  • In many respects, she is similar to Lilly herself.
  • She is named after a cat in a fanfiction Lilly wrote.
  • She was nearly Amberlight.
  • She has a weird connection with StarClan.