This character belongs to Moss
Current Alliance Rogues
Past Alliance(s) None
Mother Leto
Father Unknown Tom (name coming soon)
Littermates Apollo
Mate None
Kit(s) None
Roleplayer Moss

Artemis is a black she-cat with piercing yellow eyes.


Artemis was the daughter of Leto, who vanished one day. Artemis learned to take care of herself, and learned to hunt all on her own. She has a strange obsession with animals, and loves to watch, listen, or play with them. She was her father's favorite daughter, so he granted her the wish to never fall in love if the didn't want to. She did fall in love with her hunting partner, a cat named Orion, but Artemis killed him by accident while hunting one day. She has since never fallen in love.

Artemis is seen next to Perseus, asking what happened during all the commotion. Later, she is seen being very confused about all the jib jab in the Rogue Roleplay.


She really loves animals, and is an excellent hunter. She is kind with other cats, especially with other she-cats. She has no interest in taking a mate whatsoever.




  • She has the ability to talk to animals, since she loves them so much.
  • Artemis also can read star patterns and moon shifts, since her Greek goddess form is the goddess of the Moon.


  • Artemis is, obviously, based off of the Greek Mythology Goddess, Artemis.
    • Because Artemis was a virgin goddess, Artemis the cat will not take a mate.