"Briarfur? Wait but thats my mother's name.."
— Briarfur to Jetstar in FogClan

A golden brown she-cat with amber eyes and a pale pink nose. Beautiful, strong and well built she-cat, Long sleek coat.


Briarkit was born to Briarfur. She grew up with her sister Tawnykit and her brother Darkkit. She never understood why her name was Briarkit like her mothers but she didn't care. Her father Breechfall died days after their birth, Briarfur was devastated but went on with her life. Brairkit liked to venture out of camp alot so one day her and Tawnykit climbed out of camp. Tawnykit was way more brave then Briarkit so she tried some berries on a bush, it killed her instantly. Brairkit always felt that it was her fault, that if she would of said stop Tawnykit would still be with them. 

Briarkit soon became Briarpaw and Cloudspots became her mentor. Cloudspots treated her horribly because Briarfur stole her mate. She hated Briarpaw and Briarfur. One day she asked Briarfur to go on a hunt with her, just the two of them. Briarfur agreed and went with her. Cloudspots led her to a old twolegs nest and killed her brutally. Cloudspots made it look like a fox attacked her but Briarpaw knew the truth. When it was time for her warrior ceremony Briarpaw didn't know wjat her warrior name would be but she knew Cloudspots picked it out. Jetstar called her over and gave her her name. "Your name shall be Brairfur" "Briarfur?" she asked "But thats my mother's name!" she tried to object as she cried "I hate you Cloudspots!"

She soon felt fine with her name and became a great warrior of FogClan

She fell in love with Jetstar and never told him because she was too shy. To this day, she still is in love with him. 


She can be unpredictable and rude but she is normally kind and nice. She is a very forgivable cat but when Cloudspots betrayed her she knew she could never trust or like her ever again. She fell in love with Jetstar but knew she would never like her. She keeps to herself and has very few friends.