Here is were we place RP characters who are no longer wanted by their owners or their owners have gone inactive.

Rules for Character AdoptionEdit

  • Don't overwhelm yourself with adopted characters.
  • Try not to change the character to much, but say, if you adopted a Mary-Sue or something, contact Icewish and she'll help you fix the character to your liking.
  • Before you adopt a character, check their rank on the clan's page.
  • Post a request to adopt a character in the comments.  DO NOT TRY TO ADOPT A CHARACTER YOURSELF WITHOUT ICY'S (or another admin's) PERMISSION!
  • Your character will be put up for adoption if you have been inactive for one month without prior notice or have been banned from the wiki.
    • If you come back/ban ends, your characters will not be given back to you if they are adopted already.
  • If your character is put up for adoption and adopted, you may not recive it back under any cerumstances, even if the other user gives it back or puts it back up for adoption.
  • If your character is adopted by someone else, it is entirely theirs, you may not ask them to change anthing about the character.


  • Blackmoon - gray she-cat with a white underbelly and muzzle, a black spot shaped as a heart on her cheek, and violet eyes.
  • Rainstorm - bright blue she-cat with amber eyes.
  • Boltstrike- Dark ginger tom with brown tabby stripes and one red eye. Former rogue.

  • Ivypaw- Sleek black she-cat with green eyes.




  • Woolyfur -Tan-colored tom with white paws and yellow eyes.


  • Soot - Grey tom with Blue eyes
  • Ash - Darker Gret she-kit with Green eyes
  • Frost - White tom with Amber eyes
  • Inka - Jet black she-kit with Purple eyes
  • Magpie - Black and white Tom with Hazel eyes

The Place of Starry SkiesEdit

The Place of Eternal DarknessEdit


Smallclaws - Small white she-dragon with blue eyes that can change it's size at will.