This character belongs to Moss
Current Clan CaveClan
Past Clan(s) None
Names Kittypet: Bianca

Kit: Chillkit

Medicine Cat Apprentice: Chillpaw

Medicine Cat: Chillcloud

Mother Snowflake (Adoptive: ________)
Father Bramblethorn (Adoptive: Alexander, ______)
Littermates Molly, Angus, Smokey
Mate Bowser (Formerly)
Kit(s) None
Mentor(s) Unknown
Apprentice(s) Oceanpaw
Roleplayer Moss

Chillcloud is a pure white she-cat with icy blue eyes and strange silver markings on her face and muzzle.


Chillcloud was born as a kittypet named Bianca. Her mother, Snowflake, gave her kits to her Warrior mate, Bramblethorn of FogClan, but the night Snowflake gives her kits away, a terrible storm happens. Bramblethorn is killed, and Bianca and her littermates have to search for their father's Clan. Bianca arrives in the wrong Clan, CaveClan, but they accept her, and rename her Chillkit. Chillkit's foster mother didn't care for Chillkit, and never let her play with her own kits, which developed into her interest in herbs and medicine. Chillkit was made the medicine cat apprentice name of Chillpaw, and soon became Chillcloud.

Chillcloud is now the full  Medicine Cat of CaveClan. When a MossClan patrol attacks, she helps heal the injured. and is attacked by Brokentalon, who gets driven off.

She appears doing normal medicine cat duties, nothing much. She tells Oceanpaw that she'd take her to get her full name soon, but ends up going missing. Chillcloud was out looking for herbs, and was abucted by a rogue tom. She was held hostage for a few days before she finally managed to get free, and is skittish when she enters camp. Flashfire helps her to her nest, and Badgerclaw brings her fresh-kill. Chillcloud gets up-to-date from Badgerclaw and tries to sleep, but she can't and she has a severe bellyache.


Can be snappy, but kind. She is dedicated to her role as a medicine cat.

Character PixelsEdit

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Mate: Bowser (Formerly) - Living

Father: Bramblethorn - Deceased, suspected StarClan member

Mother: Snowflake - Status Unknown

Sister: Puddlesplash - Living

Brothers: Angus - Living (Warrior Name Coming Soon), Smokey - Living (Warrior Name Coming Soon)


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  • She has FogClan blood, since her father came from that Clan.
  • Chillcloud is one of Moss's favorite roleplay characters on this wiki.
  • Chillcloud originally was born a Clan cat, but Moss thought of the idea of Chillcloud being Bianca from Up in Flames and decided upon it.
  • Moss has made Chillcloud appear on different wikis - she is usually a medicine cat as well, if the role isn't taken.
  • She was one of Moss's first OC's that she created when she got into the Warriors series.
  • Moss keeps thinking that Chillcloud is old. This is false - Chillcloud is young.
  • Chillcloud will have four kits, fathered by Bowser, the cat that abducted her. They will be named Chervilkit, Daisykit, Tansykit, and Fennelkit, and are all named after herbs, since Chillcloud is a medicine cat. (Obviously.)
    • Chervilkit, Daisykit, and Fennelkit will die due to complications, and Tansykit will be the only survivor.