Note: Some of this will be from Cloud's POV and some narrated. Heh.


Snow swept outside a small cave. Inside, there were a few cats huddled together. One was a large tabby tom-cat, another a pale gray she-cat, and next to her huddled three kits. One was a brown tom, rather like his father, the other a gray she-cat, and the next a small plain white tom. 'Oh, tell us a story, Mama!' cried the she-cat.

'Very well.' replied the pale gray she-cat. The white tom wriggled happily. He knew the story off by heart, but it was a joy listening to it all the same. 'Long ago there were four Clans of cats. ThunderClan, ShadowClan, RiverClan and WindClan. They lived in peace,' the tom mouthed the words, 'And harmony. One day, the Clans scattered, and their desendants are dotted around. But rumor is, the Clans started back up.' The she-cat yawned. 'Thats enough, bedtime.' The kits squealed, but were asleep in heartbeats. The she-cat and the tabby tom looked at each other, touched noses and fell asleep too.

Chapter 1Edit

Cloud stalked a mouse, his tail tip twitching impatiently. He pounced, and caught it under his paws. He bent down to take a swift bite to the neck when he heard his mother calling. Fox-dung! he thought as the mouse slid under his paws and scuttled away. He padded over to the cave. He was 24 moons - his sister and brother had moved out, travelled, found mates, had kits. He was way behind, still in the cave-den with his parents. He didn't see WHY he couldn't move out with them, his parents wouldn't let him, as though he was still a kit, barely 3 moons. Everytime they called his heart skipped, wondering if they'd be telling him why they'd kept him. He padded in - his parents standing together. Odd, he thought, they're not usually telling me stuff together. He settled in front of them, and they sat down. 'Cloud?' mewed Tulip, his mother. 

'We need you to go on a journey. The Clans are rebuilt, and we need you to go. We need you to go and live there, and only, ONLY come back when you've gotten to your happiest moment. Think about that moment though, for there may be a happy moment coming forth.' 

Mum's eyes flashed white. Suddenly I felt I HAD to do this. I nodded and set off outside.