"Lightingshadow...I truley do love you, and if you don't feel the same its ok, just know that I do love you"
— Moonshine to Lightningshadow in the CaveClan woods

Darkshine is a pitch black she-cat with a silver markings in her fur and purple eyes.


She was a pure white kit when she was born. Her new colors started to grow in time. Her mother was Ivytwist and her father was Lightrock. She grew up as a warrior of CaveClan and at first site, fell in love with Lightningshadow. She wanted to confess her love for him but was always to scared to. She was devastated when she heard that Lightningshadow was reported dead. She never felt the same for any tom, not like she did to Lightningshadow.

Moonshine moved on in life but had a small bit of hope that maybe, just maybe Lightningshadow is alive somewhere. She feels a strong love for Firestorm and falls in love with him as she finds out Lightningshadow might not return. She was devastated when Dawnstar annouced that Flashfire would be the new deputy.

Lightingshadow ended up coming back while Moonshine was mooning over Firestorm, she felt confused of her desion and ran away from CaveClan, attempting to kill herself. When she returned, she felt strong powers stirr inside her when a cat named Magic was around. She completed the curse and turned into a dark Castor cat, renaming herself Darkshine.

Moonshine was born with powers that she wouldn't discover until pain struck her. She ia scared to become mates with anyone now because she is afraid that she would hurt them through anger. 

When Moonshine was a kit, she was visted by a dark female Castor. She had told Moonkit that when true love pain hit her, she would turn dark. White would turn to black and Moonkit would be evil. The Castor set this curse on her because Moonkit's mother killed the Castor's mate. Ivytwist knew of the curse, so she left her daughter and started a new life with Lightrock. The Castor's words left chills down Moonkits back, but when it happened, it was worse.


She is quiet, nice, kind, calm, (ever since Lightningshadow' death she' been depressed) She now usally keeps to herself and barley talks to anyone. She is now what you call a dark female cat Castor. She can controll all elements but she uses them for evil. 


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