Dragons are the amazing monsters that have been told in myths all around the world.  There are many species of dragons, as well as mixed-breeds and subspecies.  All dragons live by themselves an do not form organized groups and have no naming traditions.


  • Spitfire - a a greenish-gray male European Dragon with strange, blue and red circle markings on his wings and hind leg.  He has one blue eye and one gold eye.  He has curved, ram-like horns that are blue in color. His sister is Seafire.  Roleplayer: Icy
  • Seafire - a blue-gray European she-dragon with a tint of green to her scales.  She, just like her brother Spitfire, has strange blue and red circular markings on her wings and hind legs.  Her eyes are blue and she has blue, curved, ram-like horns.  Roleplayed by: Icy
  • Lightningbolt - jet black she-dragon with jagged yellow stripes, and bright red eyes. She has very large wings, and jagged horns. Can controll some lightning. Roleplayer- Silerfang
  • Kaida - Black and white Western Dragon with dark teal eyes, long horns, and sharp talons. Roleplayed by Moss<3
  • Thriz - male western dragon with sandy-colored scales and wings, gray horns, and yellow eyes. RPer:Tiger
  • Waterwing- Light blue she-dragon, green eyes and a large webbed feet. Rped by dawneh
  • Smallclaws - Small white she-dragon with blue eyes that can change it's size at will. Roleplayer: Up for Adoption
  • Aurum - golden male Western Dragon with sea green eyes. RPed by PG
  • Argentum - silver male Western Dragon with bright blue eyes. RPed by PG
  • Lavastorm- a pure black male dragon with bright green eyes. Roleplayer-Night
  • Xanthos - a silver male Water Dragon with gold eyes and aqua colored wing membranes. Roleplayed by:Icy
  • Balios - a gray male Water Dragon with silver eyes and light gray colored wings.   Roleplayed by:Icy
  • Pedasos - a dark gray male dragon of an unknown species with light gray feathered wings.  He has bright green eyes and darker and lighter blue markings.  Roleplayed by: Icy
  • Asurai - A brown-ish gold female lung dragon with feathered wings and blue eyes. She has brown mane and feathers which are contrasted by black streaks. Roleplayed by: Dragon
  • Shen - Gold and Orange Lung dragon. He has no back legs, or wings, but he seems to know how to fly. Roleplayed by Moss<3
  • Maradesa- Silver gray she-dragon with long fins on her spine and dark blue eyes. Rped by Dawneh
  • "Jake" - a male Eastern Dragon with bright blue scales and silver horns.  Roleplayed by: Icy
  • Blaise -  a male Knucker dragon with orange-brown scales and green eyes. Roleplayer: Icy
  • Payton - A female dragon with a large white scaly body and strange red stripes on her wings and back. Red eyes and gray horns. Rped by Dawn
  • Storm - A Female Dragong with a Teal body and Blue Scales,Wings and Horns.RPed by winx

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