Eurydice is a pretty silver she-cat with with dark brown/amber eyes.


Eurydice was born to Fernmist, a clan cat, and Aetius, a rogue. Her father raised her by himself. When her father was killed by Peleus, a member of Fang's group, she began to travel on her own. She met a cat named Orpheus and they fell in love with each other. She was killed by Achlys when she turned herself into a snake and bit Eurydice. Achlys killed her to make Orpheus's heart weaker and easier to corrupt.

She was captured by Achyls and taken to the Eternal Darkness.  A dream was sent to Orpheus about this so he would try to rescue her.  As planed, Orpheus tried to save his love, but failed and saw her being taken away from him once again.  Eurydice was saved by Pegasus an taken to the Starry Skies shortly after.

Eurydice and Orpheus are deeply in love with each other, to the point where it is unhealthy and they obsess over each other constantly if they aren't together.  She is almost never in the Starry Skies and prefers to be in twoleg place as much as possible, though she does have to to back to the Starry Skies occasionally.

Cat Sprit PowersEdit

She has none.  Her fighting abilities, though fairly good, are the same as it was before she died.


Eurydice can be very nice, but has a short temper with those who she dislikes.  She has often been described as the exact opposite of Orpheus, though the two are still in love with each other anyway.


  • Eurydice is named after a nymph in Greek Mythology.  Eurydice in Greek Myths was the wife/fiancee of Orpheus, who was bit by a snake and died on their wedding day.  Orpheus traveled to Hades to save her, but failed due to how much he loved her.  
  • Her eye color was changed from blue to a dark brown-amber color.
  • She has Ophidiophobia, the fear of snakes.

Icy's ArtworkEdit