"I'm done with this! I'm leaving and you can't stop me Crookedfoot!"
— Frecklewish to Crookedfoot in MossClan
Current Clan MossClan
Past Clan(s) CaveClan
Names Frecklekit,Frecklepaw,Frecklewish.
Mother Nightshadow
Father Rivertail
Littermates Snowkit,Fallowkit,Dawnkit.
Mate Crookedfoot,lives in CaveClan
Kit(s) Flowerkit-Deceased
Mentor(s) Brambletail
Apprentice(s) Thornpaw
Roleplayer Dawn~Rue


Frecklekit, born to Nightshadow and Rivertail. She has a white pelt with silver specks that runs down her back. Her mother Nightshadow gave her up when she was only a barley weaned kit. She was fosters by Clawtail, a Queen who lost her kits in a fire. Clawtail loved Frecklekit as much as she would love her own kit, she fed her until Frecklekit was 5 moon's old and finally let her go out of the den. Freckekit thought she was different from the rest of the cats because she has Coral pink eyes. She has black spots in her ear tufts and has bright white pelt. She was made an apprentice a little bit later then her tiny Den-mates, she got very sick and couldn't hold the role of being an apprentice. She was asked by Songflight to be her apprentice but Frecklekit rejected and Brambletail became her Mentor. She was rejected by the Clan and was exiled for challenging the leader, she could only come back if she was going to respect the leaders wishes. She joined CaveClan for a while and fell in love with Crookedfoot, she had one kit named Flowerkit but she was killed by a fox. Frecklewish felt homesick from the loss of her maother and left CaveClan, she promised Foreststar that she would be respectful and not reject to his wishes. Foreststar agreed and Frecklewish became a warrior of MossClan.


She can be grumby,rudem selfish and cranky. But she is mostly sweet and nice to most cats. Her temper can vary from angry, mad,sad and happy but most of the time shes happy.




Foster mother-Clawtail

Littermates-Dawnkit(Dawnfoot), Fallowkit(Fallowclaw),Snowkit(Snowpelt)

Mate-Crookedfoot, CaveClan


Nephew-Thorntail, Krestalpaw.

New mate- Tornear


Apprentice Ceremony:

"All cats old enough to catch there own prey please join under the high rock for a clan ceremony!" Foreststar boomed across the camp. "Frecklekit, you have reached the age of six moons and its time for you to be apprenticed. From this day on, until you've recieved your warrior name you will be known as Frecklepaw, and your mentor shall be Brambletail, I hope he passes down all he learned to you. Brambletail you have learned and seniored enough to have an apprentice, so I hope you show Frecklepaw all you know and may starclan be with you."

Warrior Ceremony:

"All cats old enough to catch there own prey please join under the high rock for a clan Ceremony!" Foreststar yelled. "Frecklepaw, you have done well with your training and me and your mentor have approved that you are ready to become a warrior, Do you promise to uphold the warrior code even if it cost your life?" Frecklepaw nodded and mewed "I do." "Then by the power of Starclan I shall give you your warrior name, from now on you shall be known as Frecklewish, may starclan light you path."

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