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Icy is a white she-cat with blue eyes.

Current Alliance Rogues
Past Alliance(s) None
Mother Aella
Father Somnus
Littermates Orpheus (Brother)
Mate None
Kit(s) None
Roleplayer Ice


Icy is the daughter of Aella and Somnus.  Her brother is Orpheus.  Icy is very good at medicine and healing.  Though, she was unable to save Eurydice when she was bit by a snake.  When Orpheus was being possessed by Achyls, Icy ran away from her brother and was terribly afraid of him despite home much she loves him.

She now lives with the rest of the group of rogues and seems to be very happy there.


Icy can be very rude, though she is kind at heart. She cares greatly for her little brother, Orpheus, even though he can take care of himself. She has been described as very protective over those she loves.


  • Icy's name has nothing to do with her creator, Icewish's, nickname.  It was a total coincidence.
  • She was planned to be a main character in a comic starting the rogue cats.
    • Her name for the comic was Emily Isabella Skylark.
      • Her nickname instead of her real name was "Icy."
    • Her human character design was the only one with two distinct outfits.
      • - a white dress with a blue ribbon tied around it
      • - a more casual t-shirt and gray (sometimes light brown) pants)

Icy's ArtworkEdit

Icy as a Horse

Icy drawn as a horse