Monster of the Styx
Current Alliance The Place of Eternal Darkness
Past Alliance(s) Unknown
Mother Unknown
Father Unknown
Littermates Unknown
Mate None
Kit(s) N/A
Roleplayer Ice
The "Monster of the Styx" is a monster that lives in The Styx River in The Place of Eternal Darkness.  It is a mass of black tentacles, claws, teeth, and eyes.  It's body resembles a snake an it's tentacles branch off from it and flail about wildly.  It's tail is very thin and is covered in many spikes.  It is the only thing that can live in the Styx, and can absorb the river's poison water and use it as it's own weapon.

Life Edit

The monster normally keeps to itself unless it is ordered by the current leader of the Eternal Darkness to do something.  Just like the Cerberus, it has the ability to destroy a cat's soul, which will cause the cat to be come a mindless, empty shell that floats around in a dimension separate from twoleg place, the Starry Skies, an the Eternal Darkness.  The cat will suffer in silence for all of eternity if this happens.  Despite it's appearance, the Monster of the Styx is not as powerful as Cerberus, and is also incapable of complicated thoughts, which makes it much weaker than the demon dog.


Even though the monster isn't very intelligent, it does have a few personality traits.  It is very obedient an will do whatever it's master says, but it does seem to be "kind" and saves cats, good and evil, from falling into the Styx's waters when it can.  Though, sometimes it will eat cats, but it cannot digest easily and the victims can be saved if rescued within a short period of time.