Moon is a quiet, wise she-cat who likes to get in the action, but sometimes just doesn't get involved.


Moon was the kit of a unnamed RoseClan she-cat and a rogue tom named Sparrow. Her father taught her how to hunt and fight like a rogue, but she disliked the prospect of fighting and instead her mother taught her the different herbs used for healing. Moon was only 12 moons old when she went hunting with her mother and father one day and her mother was killed by a monster. Her father went mad with grief, making his heart weak. Seeing an opportunity, an evil spirit possessed him. Sparrow changed his name to Snake, and his eyes turned from a calm green to an evil red. Scared, Moon ran away from her father, but was cornered by him in a dark alleyway. The spirit persuaded him that Moon had killed the RiverClan she-cat. Snake killed Moon.

Moon roamed the Alleys of Twoleg Place after she died, hoping to free her father from the soul possessing him. She saw Snake attacking a group of cats, and tried to stop the fight, but Snake escaped. She joined the group of Rogues for a while, but when she was walking in an alley, Snake attacked her while she was thinking about Shadow, catching her by surprise. She was knocked out, but Shadow and Fox saved her.

The next morning, she hunted and shared prey with Shadow, and admitted her feelings for him. To her relief, he shared her feelings. She then admitted that she was not alive. She was also glad to hear that he didn't care and still wanted to be with her.

Love LifeEdit

Moon became mates with Shadow when she admitted her feelings for him.


Moon has telekinesis. She can move or immobilize things with her mind.



  • Moon has RiverClan blood: her mother was RiverClan.