Morningwillow is a dark dusky brown she-cat with light spring green eyes.


Morningwillow was born to Demier (mother) and Olivetooth (father) along with her sibling Nightkit (brother). Demier and Olivetooth decided that it was best for the kits to live with the clan and not with Demier. Heart-broken Demier gave up Morningkit and Nightkit. Nightkit died on the journey. Morningkit became a wonderful apprentice though she missed her mother. She trained hard to impress her father whom had grown old and was now in the elder's den. After she became a warrior he died shortly after. Morningwillow has not done anything special in her life, though she strives to impress her family and wishes she could see her mother one last time.


Morningwillow is very respectful though she loves to joke. She has average skills, though seems to be better at bird-hunting then most.

Often when other warriors talk about death she get's very sensitive. Morningwillow is known to listen to what every you have to say. She wants to help her clanmates the best she can.