Current Alliance Rogues
Past Alliance(s) The Place of Eternal Darkness
Mother Aphrodite
Father Spike
Littermates None
Mate Robin (Tricked by Moros)
Kit(s) None
Roleplayer Dawn
A dark blue tom cat, torquise eyes like the ocean. Blue flames encase his paws and tail. He has metal claws that some how attach to the flames. Short-haired. Roleplayer is Dawn


When he was a kit he was incased in an egg, a fire and water egg. He was trapped, cursed by Melinoe. He was put up for a trade to get out with Tyche. Tyche wanted to give Moros his curse of fire. Moros refused at the time but soon later he pleaded Tyche to let him change his mind. Tyche told him he could only if he could have Moros's immortalness. Moros, desprerate, agreed and gave away immortalness to be free. But Tyche lied to him and gave him both of his curses, Water and fire. Moros was going to take back what he owned by traveling back to the place of the enternal darkness to find Tyche. But Tyche made Cerberus lock Moros in the living world, so he never got back his immortality. Now he lives among other Rogues and accepts it. He travels back and forth from The Place of Starry Skies and the real world, for his good spirt they allowed him to travel through.


Moros had a spell cast on him that made him evil, Cerberus told him the only way he could be good again was that he had to give his powers to someone else. Once he gave his powers to Robin he became good and he lost his curse that Tyche had given him

Icy's ArtworkEdit

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