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Paris is a white tomcat with a long fluffy tail and blue eyes.

Current Alliance Rogues
Past Alliance(s) Kittypets, EnchantedClan
Mother Maria
Father Aron
Littermates Amazonia
Mate Helen, Amberflame (Formerly, Deceased)
Kit(s) Jakob (Son) (Deceased), Idan (Son) (Deceased), Alyona (Daughter), Isaak (Son)
Roleplayer Icy


Paris was born a kittypet and had one sister name Amazonia.  His parents were very arrogant and vain an they disliked an ignored Paris no matter how hard he tried to please them.  Eventually, Paris ran away an became a rogue.  He is a poor hunter, so he steals food from other cats.  He is very over-confident and can be very rude. He and Achilles share some sort of rivalry with each other and claim to hate each other, though they are friends no matter what they say. 

Paris has fallen in love with several cats in the past, though he prefers to keep quiet about his relationships to others.  He was mates with Amberflame and truly loved her, but she died giving birth to their second son, Idan.  Both mother and child died, causing their first son, Jakob, to commit suicide. 

He met a she-cat named Helen, and the two became mates.  Paris was still traumatized by what happened to his former mate and two sons, and told Helen that he really didn't what to have kits, but never told her why.  But you know, stuff does happen, and Helen was expecting its a few moons later.  When Helen told him that she was expecting his kits, Paris felt suddenly ill and worried.  He told her what happened right after, but couldn't finish his story. 

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Paris can be over-confident and very rude, though he is kind at heart. 

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  • Paris is named after a Trojan prince in Greek Mythology.  Paris in these myths was destined to destroy Troy.
  • Paris was planed to be a homosexual just to piss off the homophobes, but then Icewish realized that it was a little to late for that since he has fallen in love with several she-cats before.
    • Since many adults refuse to believe that people can be bisexual, Icy and her friend decided to make that Paris' sexuality just to make them mad. 
    • He was originally planned to be a white cat with brown tabby patches and amber eyes.
    • More comming soon!

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