This character belongs to Icy

Peleus is a dark gray and black tabby tom with long claws and cold, pale blue eyes.

Current Alliance The Place of Eternal Darkness
Past Alliance(s) Rogues (Fang's Group)
Mother Penelope
Father Aecus
Littermates Telemon
Mate Thetis (Against both of their wills) (Formerly)
Kit(s) Achilles
Roleplayer Ice


Peleus is the son of Penelope and Aecus.  His twin brother, Telemon, died shortly after birth.  He and his parents were targeted by Fang, and were eventually killed by members of his group.  Peleus escaped them and hated Fang for what he does to other cats. He became close friends with Aella and Somnus (the parents of Orpheus and Icy).  They taught him how to hunt, fight, and speak English.

Peleus was then targeted by Fang again due to his superior fighting abilities.  He was eventually captured, tortured, and broken by the evil rogue group.  He mindlessly did Fang's bidding, no matter how terrible, though, afterwards he felt terribly guilty. 

His son is Achilles, the illegitimate son of Peleus and a she-cat named Thetis.  He was abusive to his son, but Achilles escaped Fang's group and lived with Hestia and her granddaughter, Persephone, when he was very young (he also became Persephone's mate when they became older).

Peleus was killed by Achilles and now lives in The Place of Eternal Darkness.  


  • Peleus can speak four languages: Spanish, English, French, and Latin.  His excuse is that he has a lot of extra time after his death (though he's really lying since he learned to speak them while he was still alive).
    • His first language is Spanish.