"Hermes, the view, it's beautiful""
— Rue to Hermes in A twoleg alley
Current Alliance Rogue
Past Alliance(s) Kittypet
Mother Laya
Father Kenya
Littermates Willow
Mate None
Kit(s) None
Roleplayer Dawn

A silver she-cat with purple eyes and a pale pink nose. Long-haired beautiful, stunning she-cat with charming looks and striking eyes


She was born to Laya and Kenya, her only sister Willow died at a young age. Laya died months after her birth.

Not much is known about Rue's past but once she started to live on her own, things changed. She has very bad memory and mixes cats up a lot. Which she did so with Paris when she told him that they knew each other. She had mixed him up with her ex boyfriend Sleet. She had grown very depressed after that and started to live on top of houses.

She cut open her leg getting down from a dumpster, and Artemis asked her what the heck was wrong with her. Rue responded with "what the heck is wrong with me? I just cut open my leg!" She grew very lonely after that and started to hate herself before she met Hermes. She fell in love with him when he had flown her up to see to sun set and had been in love with him ever since.