It was a cold stormy night when my mother died with with my litter-mates. The thunder was like a wave crashing on the hard golden sand. I heard the screaming of my brothers and sisters as they were getting torn apart limb from limb right in front of me.

"I think that was all of them" a gray tom meowed. The rain from the storm made his fur look black and the flash of lightning turned his orange eyes into gold.

"Yeah..wait what was that?" the brown tom meowed looked over at the bush I was in.

They found me?! yes, they did. They took me away but didn't kill me, The toms needed me because I was the last link to what they were looking for.

Chapter 1Edit

Dhemite padded down the path way, he started to think about the new Ikastuna he was training. "Valgus is far from becoming strong enough to kill all of the Sant Regne" Dhemite said to himself. Dhemite kept thinking about what he was going to do next for the Ikastuna until he ran into Mal, his friend that helped kill off a family and took away the kit that was still alive. Mal jumped up and landed on his paws a few tail lengths away from Dhemite, "Watch where your going! I don't feel like getting hurt today!" He hissed at Dhemite. (More coming soon!)