"I'm going to find Twigpaw, even if it cost my life! I will find him, isn't that in the warrior code Shadowstar? Never leave others behind!"
— Sundrop to Shadowstar in MossClan camp
Current Clan MossClan
Past Clan(s) None
Names Sunkit, Sunpaw, Sundrop
Mother Leaftail
Father Eagleclaw
Littermates Honeytail, Scarface, Stormpelt
Mate None
Kit(s) None
Mentor(s) Frostbite
Apprentice(s) Twigpaw
Roleplayer Dawneh

A orangish cream colored she-cat with dark amber tabby stripes. Amber eyes and pale creamish nose and ear tufts.


Sundrop grew up with three other siblings, Honeykit,Stormkit and Scarkit. Her mother was Leaftail and her father was Eagleclaw. Sundrop was always left out because she was ethier the smallest or the weakest, she got sick alot and barley ever came out the the Nursery. When it was time for them all to be made apprentices, Shadowstar had told them Sunkit was to weak to take on the job and left her in the Nursery for another 2 moons. Sunkit had developed a hatred for Shadowstar, he had tols the Clan she was weak and to sick to take on being an apprentice. Sunkit had considered becoming a Medicine cat apprentice but decided her heart lies with battles and training. She adore's Frostbite but thought he was a little grouchy.

One day her greencough cleared up and the medicine cat said it was alright for Sunkit to become apprenticed. When she did Shadowstar picked Frostbite to be her mentor. Sunkit was then named Sunpaw and she grew heathier and stronger everyday, Frostbite one day told Shadowstar  that today would be Sunpaw's final assesment, Shadowstar could only agree to it. Sunpaw completed the assesment and became a warrior of MossClan, she was then named Sundrop and 2 moons after took on an apprentice named Twigpaw.


She is normally sweet calm and kind hearted, she tries her best to be nice to Shadowstar but to her it seems hard for all the things he did to her.



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