The farm is relatively close to the Twoleg Place. The farm is a wide open area surrounded with a white fence. The owners of the farm are elderly and the animals seem to run the farm themselves. Animals from goats to horses to chickens can be found here. Rogues occasionally visit the farm to get away from life in the city.

(The Farm used to be a location for the Rogue RP, but not it's its own stand-alone RP. Just like the Rogue an Clan RPs, the Farm is located in Colorado.)



  • Rainy - a dapple gray minimal tobiano splash Arabian mare with three white socks, one long stocking, a star and snip, and blue eyes. Roleplayer: Icy
  • Thunder- golden retriever with short fur. RPer: Tiger
  • Cloudy- Pale grey tomcat with white flecks, chest, and tail tip, and green eyes. RPed by Tater
  • Laurlye- a young chick. RPer:Tiger
  • Tiny - a huge bay Shire Horse with brown eyes, one sock, an a blaze.  Rolepalyer: Icy
  • Burgundy- old gray she goat with blue eyes. RPer:Tiger
  • Checkers - black and white border shepherd with one green eye and one blue eye. RPed by PG
  • Saber - A tiny farm mouse. Roleplayer: Night
  • Smoky- a gray donkey with a short tail.RPer:Tiger
  • Trouble - a three-legged GSD puppy with brown fur and brown eyes.  Roleplayer: Icy
  • Coco- small brown Labrodoodle with long fur. Roleplayed by Tater.
  • Laci - a ASD puppy with white, black, tan and gray fur. She aslo has blue or brown eyes. She is working to be a sheep herding dog. Rped by Dawn
  • Porky- plump male pot bellied pig. Rped by Wotto3577
  • katie a pretty small king cocker spaniel. RPed by Dappleh
  • Cookie- A female tan with brown eyes. Rped by: Icy
  • Daisy - off-white Jersey cow. Currently expecting. Roleplayer: Icy
  • Raven - Jet-black, fat she-cat. Currently expecting kits. Roleplayer: Moss
  • George - Dark brown rat. Roleplayer: Moss
  • Flint - A black/brown male goat with a white spot on his back. He has a small black beard and golden colored horns. Rped by Dawn
  • Rose - Rose is a small, pale cream colored Arabian mare, she also has amber colored eyes. Rped by Dawn
  • Dinar - A sleek female peahen with brown eyes. Roleplayer: Moony
  • Spike - A male mallard duck with golden eyes. RPed by PG
  • Choco - chocolate palomino stallion with blue eyes.  RPed by: Icy
  • Mercredi - blue roan Shire Horse mare with one green eye and one pale blue eye (blind in that eye).  Roleplayer: Icy
  • Jeudi - gold bay Shire Horse colt with brown eyes.  Roleplayer: Icy
  • Snowball - A tiny white fluffy bunny. Roleplayer: Night
  • Finn - Rooster with an irritating attitude. RPer: Edme

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