This is where all bad rogues go when they die. Cat spirits here are kept starving and weak, so they are less powerful than Starry Skies cat spirits.


  • Peleus - a dark gray and black tabby tom with long claws and cold, pale blue eyes.
  • Fang - a gray tomcat with red stripes and amber eyes.  He has many scars running along his pelt, including one through his right eye.
  • Hades - A dark ginger tom with piercing amber eyes. Rped by Moss
  • Thánatos - A dark gray tom with icy blue eyes and a red tail. Roleplayer:Night
  • Rose - a small, pretty, pinkish-gray she-cat with white paws and stripes.  Her eyes are a bright green, and ooze a glowing green venomous liquid. Roleplayer: Icy
  • Foxeyes - Orange and white she-cat, looks like a fox, orange eyes. RPed by Dawn
  • Amboi - Tabby tom with green eyes.RPed by winx
  • Lily - A sweet white she-kit. Only a moon old. Roleplayer: Moony
  • Vulkan - bright orange-red tom with blue eyes. RPer: Edme
  • Twilight - Dark grey she-cat with long claws and blue eyes. RolePlayed by Tater
  • Pakao - a black tom with dark amber eyes. RPed by dapple
  • Wings - a white cat with red eyes, RPed by dapple
  • Aria - a black and white she-cat with long sharp claws and blue eyes. Scar on her chest inflicted by a fox. Rped by Dawn
  • Water - Bluish Grey She-cat with Blue eyes and many scars.RPed by Winx

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