The Star Gate is how Starry Skies cats can reach Twoleg Place.


The Star Gate is how The Place of Starry Skies cats can go and return from Twoleg Place. It is a ruin that was once a beautifully made gate made out of white rocks. A cat that has the ability to travel to Twoleg Place must walk through the gate and from there can travel to Twoleg Place. Once they are in Twoleg Place, the cat can then travel to the skies from anywhere in Twoleg Place, but will always end back up at the gate. For some cats, they can not travel to twoleg place, or once there can not travel back to the Starry Skies.

The gate was created by Pegasus when she created the Starry Skies.  It has been used so much that it has been partially destroyed, but a sense of wonder an beauty still exists around the gate.


  • The Star Gate has been mentioned on the old wiki, but was never named or properly described.