This character belongs to Icy

Theo is a black male European dragon with gold eyes and red stripes.  He also has blue, red, and white stripes on his legs ending just below his knees. He has long, blue, ram-like horns

Breed Info
Breed Unknown
Sub-Breed Unknown
Mother Unknown
Father Unknown
Siblings Unknown
Mate Abigail
Hatchling(s) Spitfire (Son), Seafire (Daughter)
Roleplayer Icy


Theo is the father of Spitfire and Seafire.  He is a very strong fighter and is very cruel and aggressive.  His mate died a few days after his youngest hatchling, Seafire, was born.  It is very likely that he is the one who killed her.  Theo was abusive and mean to his children, especially to Spitfire.  Spitfire once challenged his father to a fight, but lost.  Spitfire and Seafire fled shortly after.

Theo is still alive, but it is unknown where he lives currently or anything else about him for that matter.


Theo is a very mean, cruel, and aggressive dragon.  It is unknown what caused him to act this way, but it's very likely that he was just born a jerk.  He is hated by other, especially his son, and he hates everyone in return.