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"I love you...but your heart lies with your Clan now. I see that. It was never with me. Just remember that mine was with you. I'll always be waiting for you, if ever you change your mind."
— Tiger to Thornstar in None


Tiger was born a kittypet, to Pearl, a graceful cream she-cat with blue eyes, and Fire, a ginger tom with piercing green eyes and a pelt orange as flame. His tail has black stripes on it, which is probably why he was named Tiger. But his temper is another contributing factor. He has one single littermate, Zayne, who was a little brown-and-white tom with beautiful amber eyes like tiny furnaces.

Tiger hated life as a kittypet. He wasn't the sort of cat that loved the life of kibbles and being stroked by Twolegs. From the beginning, he knew this wasn't his life. He wanted the taste of juicy birds...the smell of fresh night air... the sight of dew on ferns...the cool wind. He, of course, tried to join ThunderClan, but was rejected as he looked like a descendant of Tigerstar (which he wasn't).?

He was hunting on RiverClan territory, when he was spotted by a young warrior, Thornfur. It struck him at once how beautiful she was.


Tiger is very selfless, but prefers to be alone, as his bad temper can often cause him to flare up.


A dark brown tabby tom with a black striped tail and curved claws.


  • He was developed in five minutes, for Thornstar.
  • He is NOT based on Tigerstar.