Twoleg Place is a specific city were the Rogue RP takes place in.  It is often called just "the city" by the cats who live there.


Twoleg Place has been the setting for the Rogue RP since it was created.  The city has been abandoned by most people, though it had an industrial and wealthy past.  Pollution from the factories is on of the reasons why the sky is normally gray over this city.  Clouds cover the sky most of the time and there are often storms here.  The entire city is a dark gray in color which creates a depressing atmosphere.

However, there is a wealthy neighborhood near the outside of the city where the Kittypets live.  This area has large, beautiful houses, green plant life, and a blue sky.  The people and cats here are noted as being stuck up and arrogant.


  • This city is fictional, so it does not exist in real life.
    • Though, Icy has always imagined it being somewhere in the U.S.
    • On this note, the city's name is Springfield, the most common name for a city in the U.S.