A tom cat with lava like furand fiery eyes. He can destroy anything he pleases. Tyche means the god of luck, destiny and fortune. His roleplayer is Dawn.


He tricked Moros into giving him his immoratality for Moros's freedom. At the same time he tricked Moros and gave him his curse, control of fire and water. He is hated by mostly everyone because he is bossy, rude, mean and selfish. His mother Charaties turned away from him and hated him for what he did to his father, Pallas. He cursed Pallas with a trap. He encased him in a ball of fire because for one thing, Pallas died, he said he hated Tyche. Tyche plays tricks on other cats and then was Banished to the Place of Eternal Darkness. He begged Cerberus to let him out but Cerberus refused and locked him up in a egg, like Melinoe did to Moros