This fanfiction was written by Icy

By: Icewish   ♥


This is an old fanfic from WCFW.  It's very old and poorly written (the grammar errors is done on purpose though, that's the style of writing)  This fanfiction was inspired by the Karen Hesse book, Witness. It is a lyrical story, whitch means it is writen like a poem or a song. This story takes place in MountainClan. You will hear the voices of Snowdawn, Wolfclaw, Nettlesting, Cougertooth, Featherfall, Nightwave, and Redlame like you have never heard before.

(Warning: This story is for a slightly more mature audience. Also, many parts of the story will contain an extream use of words like "y'all" and "aint," words that Icy hears a lot in Alabama, Georgia, and some parts of Texas.  I used to talk like that a lot :P  But then I got rid of my accent.)


My warrior ceremony

Held today

At high noon

My leader

The great Spottedstar

Her heart filled with joy

Granted me the name


My mentor

My deputy

My friend

Gazed upon me with pride

My brother

Who's name is now Redflame

By my side

Eye glowing with happyness

A true moment

I will never forget


My best friend Snowdawn

Recieved her warrior name today

You can call me crazy

You can call me insane

But I truely felt

Her joy in me

Mabey it's time

To show her that specail place

The place I tresure

For she is my best friend

The one who does not treat me like a shadow

Of my brother


He is older than me

Stroger than me

Handsomer than me

But she does not care

I've lived in his shadow

But she shows me the light

I shall show her

Before it's too late


Ah, Snowdawn and Wolfclaw

Such young love

But with me and Cougertooth

Just a bunch of old love

Mabey I should settle down with him

Mabey even have kits

Na, not now

No tom can clip these wings



My best friend

I love her

But how do I tell her that

What if she doesn't like me that way

How do I tell her how I feel

I can't tell her

Not now

Mabey not ever


A day and a night

After my warrior ceremony

I see my sister with that tom

Wolfclaw again

He took her out of camp

He is a good friend

But can I trust him that much

To let him be with my sister

He got hit in the head the other day

Heard he's never gonna fully heal

But still

He better not do anything

To mt dear sister Snowdawn

Or he's gonna get it

And he ain't gonna walk away

From that blow

So he better

If he valuse his life

Take care

Of my sister Snowdawn


Asked Snowdawn today

To go out with me

She said yes to my delight

I saw Redflame lookin' at me funny

He don't trust me

I can feel his glare burning in my pelt

He'll toss me around

Like a ball of moss

If anything happend to Snowdawn

But If anything happend to Snowdawn

I'd toss myself around like a moss ball

Cause I love her just as much as he does

I lead her to the waterfall

And I'd never seen such a happy look

On her shiny white furred face


Wolfclaw asked me

To go out with him

How could I say no

To those sparkling blue eyes

He took me to this place

A beutiful place indeed

A waterfall lead glistening blue water down pearl white rocks

An aroura danced in the starlit sky

Silver fish flashed in the crystal clear water

Truely breath taking

We raced to the top

Of a white pillar of rocks

He let me win, of course

You could tell on his smiling face

When I asked him

And he asked me a question

One I would never forget

Five simple words

Will you be my mate

Again, how could I say no

To those sparkling blue eyes

But those very same eyes

Rolled into the back of his head

He plumited into the water below

I dove after him

I draged him to shore

He wouldn't wake up

Oh why, great Starclan

Why do you curse him so


Somethin' didn't feel quite right

I looked to my side

Snowdawn wasn't their

And nither was that tom of her's

Wolfclaw, that mangy rascle

He ain't a bad cat

But a sly one at that

To sly you might say

Could out smart a fox

I knew he was with Snowdawn

Snowdawn my sister's kit

He better have her safe

Or I'll just find out right now

I woke up Cougertooth

That lazy scoundrel was already snoring his head off

We then found Redflame

Our unoffical search party

We passed outside clan territory

And saw them both out cold by a waterfall


I saw them both

Sleeping by a waterfall

I was about slit Wolfclaw's throat and tear his limbs of one by one

But as I got closer

They weren't doin' anything unholy

Snowdawn fell asleep tending Wolfclaw's wounds

Mabey Wolfclaw could be trusted

After all he was my best friend when we were kits

We draged them back to camp

Eagleflight took a look at them

She said they were both fine

Snowdawn was just exausted

And Wolfclaw blacked out because of the brain damage Avalanchstorm did to him the other day

Snowdawn moved out of the medicine den that night

But Eagleflight held on to Wolfclaw

Now he better be alright


I saw Wolfclaw

The second son of Flowerfur and Graynight

He was my sister Featherfall's apprentice

Poor tom

I can't even stand that good for nothing she-cat

Always blabering about how important she is being the former deputy's duaghter

Funny thing is

She didn't greive for him when our father died

At the paws of a rogue

I was the one who sat there

In the icy rain

The one who was eignored by him

He said I did the hunter's crouch O.K

But that was the only praise

I ever got out of him


I got out of the medicine den

With only a few scars to show of it

But Wolfclaw

He's still in there

Eagleflight is not sure

If she can release him yet

He blacked out twice yesterday

Will he ever be fit to hunt

To fight

To be a warrior he is

Well even if he never comes out

He will forever be

The true warrior of Mountainclan that he already is


Woke up to Thrushpaw

Tending my wounds

He ain't a bad tom

But He sure gets in you business fast

What were you doing

With Snowdawn that night he says

Do you really need to know

I reply

You talk funny he remarks

You look funny I retort

Eagleflight shoose him away

That gray-furred she-cat

She looks at my wounds again

She says I'm free to go

I dashed outside that crapmt little den

To the freash clean air outside

Redflame called me over

He said he was sorry

For doubting me

And how he's sorry he didn't trust me

I told him not to say sorry

Because that just shows me

How much he loves his sister


That no-good Wolfclaw

With that no-good Snowdawn

How could he possibly be my former apprentice

A lousy half-breed if you ask me

Mother from Mountainclan, father from Leafclan

Spottedstar should have never

Let that filthy dog live here

Or let his two sons

Live to see their second day

On this earth

Flowerfur should have stayed

With Foxclaw

A decent Mountainclan tom

But she let herself slip

And fall in love with a





I brought Featherfall

Some freash-kill

I asked her to share

She snatched it from my jaws

And gulped it down with greed

There must be some good in her

I just know it

If I could reach

The soft side of her heart

Mabey the clan

Would not hate her so much


Look at that tom

He's hopelessly lost

Doing apprentice duties

For that dog we are forced to call


That Nightwave

A true kiss-tail if you ask me

I'm not trying to be mean

But come on

That's pathetic

He's her slave

But maby

Just mabey

It's something more than being a kiss-tail



That crazy tom

Actin' weired around me all morin'

He's got bees in his big ginger head

Poor old Eagleflight

She's gonna have her den full

Of crazy toms


I want to tell Nettlesting

Who I really feel about her

But it's just too hard

I feel like a deer

In the path

Of a Twoleg Monstar


In my own mind


I told Wolfclaw

How sorry I am

But he said not to worry

And I had a right to not trust him fully

But now

He's my kin

So I trust him with my life

My sister's new mate

I hope I don't sound

Vain and all

But that's one lucky tom


One moon after becoming mates

I'm sitting

In a nest

At the nurrsury

Wolfclaw padded in

With some pray

We shared it

Thrushpaw became a medicine cat the other day

Now his name's Thrushstrike

I heard a sharp yell

It was Thrushstrike

Eaglefilght Eagleflight

He shouted

His voice was muffled

But them

I heard him clearly

Eagleflight's dead

The earth stood still

For a breif moment

We held her ceremony that night

Even the clouds

Seemed to Mourn




Old she-cat

I tried not to cry

But how could you not

For someone who's close to you

Close to all of us

Wolfclaw tried to comfort me



And I

All sat vilgle

For the kind old she-cat


The day after

Eagleflight joined Starclan

I should've sat vigle for her

I should've

Now I regret

She helped me

Helped all of us

Hundreds of times

The whole clan shoud've sat vilgle

For that kind old she-cat

We should've

We all should've


Look at those cats

Mourning for a sad old she-cat

Who no-one needs nor wants


Just sickening


I know what the other cats call me


Featherfall's slave

And other

Worse things

But I love her

I really do

I don't know why

I have this attraction

To her

But what I think it is

What I know it is

A sign from Starclan


Ya gotta fell bad for Eagleflight

And her young apprentice

Whom she's left behind

Hope ya like Starclan

Dear old friend


Eagleflight died the other day

It was her time

But ya can't halp but feel bad

For that old she-cat

At her ceremony

I had a loss for words

And every cat

Who's known me for

At least five seconds

Knows I'm full of them

I tried to comfert Snowdawn

But somethimes

Ya just can't comfert enough


All I have

Is five words to say

Goodbye, we will miss you


Heard some good new the other day

Avalanchstorm and Wolfblizzard are

Finally mates

Took them long enough

To admit it

But will I ever ber able to

Admit it myself


Ha, ha, Wolfblizzard's finally done it

Now I've seen it all


In the nursurry

Expecting my brother's kits

Redflame couldn't believe his ears

And I busted up laghfing

I thought they'd only be mates

When hedgehogs took to the skys


I got some company now

My former mentor's finally in the nursurry

Wolfblizzard's always yapin' to her

About how he's sorry about

Sending her to the nursurry and all

I saw Redflame outside

Talking to that Ashflower again

Sure took him long enough

To get a mate

Considering he's a fire colored cat


Ashflower asked me to share some freash-kill with her

I saw Wolfblizzard laughfing his head off

But he's the one

Who sent Avalanchstorm to the nursurry

I shared a mouse with her

And oh holy Starclan

Was that the best mouse I've ever had

Or was it Ashflower

That made that mouse

Taste so good


Look at Redflame

And Ashflower


No tom is good enough for me

I'm a deputy's daughter

I should be the one leading this

Filthy hole in the ground

Not Spottedstar

She should have fallen of a cliff

Like Morningstar before her

And I'll make sure

No half-clan

Will ever taint this clan again

With their fithy stench

Their dirty paws

And their discusting blood


Maby I just need

To tell Featherfall who I feel about her

Mabey she won't

Push me away like the rest of the clan

Or like the rest of the clan

Has done to her


That's it

I will tell Nettlesting how I feel about her

Even if it kills me

Oh why do I have to be so shy

Not like her, telling cats off like a wild badger

That's why I like her so much

I padded up to her

I told her that I loved her

She smiled and licked my head

She said she loved me too

We walked together for a little while

Our pelts brushed

I think we have waited long enough


Love is in the air

Ashflower and Redflame

Just more kits in the nursurry

Filling up that poor den with four queens and their kits

Including me


I had my kits

On the night of the cresent moon

It hung there like a shinny silver claw

The sky covered with stars

And the mountain in mist

I named the tom Stormkit

And the she-cat Mistkit

To see my kits at my side

Brings joy to my heart

And that very same night

Nettlesting moved in to the nursurry

Thought I would never see the day

That stuborn she-cat had a belly full of kits

She is my mother's sister, but my mother ain't around no more

Wish she were

But she got sick

Got these lumps on her tummy

That wouldn't go away

But Falconswoop my dad is still around

He said he ain't ever gettin' sick

And he also saod he would never die

Under the claw's of a cat

Or the fangs of one either


I walked into the nurrury

My kits have been born

And Snowdawn was fine

I was so overjoyed

My heart might have poped

I licked them all

But Thrushstrike kicked me out

Said Snowdawn needed rest and I shouldn't be bugging her

Saw Ashflower and Redflame sharing a mouse

We're gonna need a bigger nursurry


Oh holy Starclan

I think the Dark Forest is rising or something

A whole patrol dead

Any scent of the murderers washed away by rain

My father, Falconswoop amung them

Starclan help us

Eagleflight and now four more

Oh great Starclan help us


I'll get those cats

For killing my sister's mate

It slit their troats

And rip their unholy hearts out

I don't care that I'm full of kits

I just want them dead

At least Falconswoop can finally be with his mate after so many moons


Coundn't believe my eyes

When I saw his body

In a ruby red pool of blood

Upon the rock ground

His bellr ripped open

And every bone broken

And tears welled up in those very same eyes


Littlepool, Starlingwing, Hareleap, and Falconswoop

All dead

Killed my mysteriouse murderers

Snowdawn, Redflame, Nettlesting, Cougertooth, and I

Sat vigle

For four more lost friends


Four more dead

Could we have stopted it


Not worth

Any cats time to save a few

Filthy peices of carrion


So many deaths

In such little time

And yet Featherfall

Still feels not pain

Nor simpathy

For her fallen clan mates


A few days after the murder of four

I was sent on a night hunting patrol

With Swanfeather and Kinkfur

Before we even caught sight of any prey

We were ambusjed

The cats smelled of blood

And their fur was caked in dark brown mud

They moved as swif as shadows

Through the dence forest

I was down and bleeding

From a cut down my side

I saw Swanfeather and Kinkfur

Fall on the ground dead

Then black sweeped over me and I could see no more


Night fell as fast as a rushing river

Somethin' didn't feel right

I when out of the nursurry

Cougertooth and his patrol were not back

I left camp to look for them

Swanfeather and Kinkfur were dead

And Cougertooth would soon join them

It bwas hard

But I got Cougertooth back to camp

He was still breathing

But he don't look to good


A thunderstorm broke out

Winds howled like a thousand wolves in the full moon

Lightning struck its bright claws to the earth

And black clouds swirled overhead

And then I saw Wolfblizzard doing something

Even I thought was crazy

What in Starclan is that tom doing up there

Said Fernshade

He's gonna get hit by lightning if he don't climb down from the mountain

Yowled Nettlesting

And the unspeakable hapened

Lighting fell from the sky

The very sound shook the mountain itself

And Wolfblizzard cam falling

To the ground

Starclan help us

Cried Avalanchstorm as she whatched her mate fall all the was




I rushed to him

I heard my kits screaming in horror in the nursurry

His fur burned black

Or at least the little he had left did

His flank rose

He was still alive

Thrushflight and I

Carried him into the medicine den

There I saw Cougertooth

Still out cold

Oh Starclan

Please don't let the death toll

Climb to seven


When I awoke

My wounds were almost completely healed

Bless that medicine cat

He may be even better

Than Eaglestrike before him

I saw Wolfblizzard in a den next to me

Or at least I thought it was Wolfblizzard

He looked jsut as healthy as a rotted peice of carrion on a thunderpath

His fur sinnged

I'm not sure any cat

Could pull out of that


I whatched Wolfblizzard fall

To the ground from the top of a mounatin pillar

He was struk by lightning

My kits screaming their tiny heads off

I tried to comfert them

And even Nettlesting helped me

She's been a lot kinder sence moving to the nurrsury

Avalanchstorm was already out side

In the freezing rain

That's not going to be good for her

With her kits in her tummy

Wolfclaw was carried away into the medicine den

Now the question is

Will he be alright


Wolfblizzard is going to pull throgh

He has to

H-He can't die

I don't want

To sit through

Another one of those vigles again

So he better pull through

He must


Thrushstrike says

Wolfblizzars's life hangs in the balence

Of the next few days

He said

The lightning could have fried up his heart

He says it's beating funny

And he might not make it

Wolfclaw won't leave his side

And my kits are as worried as the Dark Forest

I bet that tom's gonna pull throgh

And shock each and everyone of us


Wolfblizzard opend up his eyes today

Avalanchstorm is thrilled

He hasn't spoken yet

Thrushflight said

His heart was beatin' fine now

But he still can't speak

Nor move a muscle

That's one lucky tom


I got out of the medicine den today

Thrushstrike said my wounds are all healed

But Wolfblizzard is still in there

He can't move

Nor speak

But his heart is beating

And his eyes have opened

But still

He could die any day now

But what was he doing

Climbing a mountain anyway



A half-breed struck by lightning

Why should they care

About that stupid tom

And his brother

I don't care in the slightest

About if he lives

Or dies


Wolfblizzard is still in the medicine den

After three whole days

He might make it

He might not

It's up to Starclan to decide


Thrushflight said

For me to go and get some freash-kill

For me starving

Won't help my brother

I picked up a sparrow

And headed back

To the medcine den

And Wolfblizzard walked out

Like he was never struck by lightning

He ran over to Avalanchstorm

Completly forgetting about me

But after all

She is his mate

But I'm still his brother

If that means anything

Any more


I saw Wolfblizzard talking to Avalanchstorm

I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw him

I asked him why he was climbing the mountain

He looked down

Avalanchstorm shooed me away

Said not to bother him

I saw Redflame and Ashflower

Telling Wolfblizzard how happy they are that he's okay

I heard Wolfclaw and Thrushflight talkin'

About who Thrushflight had healed Wolfclaw up so fast

Thrushflight said that


Helped guide his paws

Then Wolfclaw called him crazy

That Thrushflight

Such a nice tom

Healed Wolfblizzard up in only five days

Starclan bless him


The night Wolfblizzard was healed

I had my kits

A brown tom

And a gray she-cat

I named them

Dustkit and Rainkit

Cougertooth was thrilled

And I had never had so much pride in my heart


Nettlesting kitted tonight

The most beuitiful kits

I've ever seen

Duskit and Rainkt

My own two kits

My heart sweeled with pride and sheer happyness

Could not have been a better night


Sent on a border patrol

The day after Nettlesting kitted

With Wolflizzard and Ashflower

Sented a fox

Not to hard sence

That Starclan forsaken beast

Wizzed all over the place

It passed through with no harm done

But still

Our forest reaks with fox pee


Wolfblizzard still won't talk about

Why he was climbing up the mountain

But does it matter

I'm just happy he's alive

Nettlesting had he kits

The same day Wolfblizzard go out of the medicine den

Starclan's blessing to the world


A hunting patrol

Found dead

Three more cats

Shinewater, Dewleaf, and Snakefang

Now hunt with Starclan

Their bodies thrown in a stream

To hide the murderers scent

And still

Featherfall does not care

But I still love her

I do



He's the only cat

Who has ever been nice to me

Mabey it's more than nice

Mabey it's love

And mabey I

Feel the same as well


I couldn't beleave my ears

When I heard the news this morning

Featherfall's movin' into the nurrusry

Expecting Nightwave's kits

That's great news

But I don't want any of her crazy

Rubbing off on any

Of my kits


I was shocked

When Featherfall walked n here

Expectin' Nightwave's kits

I didn't like it

But Snowdawn, Avalanchstorm, and I

Made a nest for her

That Avalanchstorm

She's been in her for moons and still hasn't kited yet

Thrishstrike isn't worried

So it must be normal

And I don't think that she-cat

Is gonna have any problems with stuff like that


Featherfall and I

Went for a walk in the moonlight

Ambushed by cats

Covered in blood and mud

Caked into their fur

Eyes blazing red

And fangs stained with blood

At least five of them

They made me watch Featherfall

Die a slow



I saw the kits ripped from her stomach

And her eyeballs plucked from her head

She died in a pool of her own blood

They then cut my sides open

A horrible pain constantly pacing throgh my body

They smashed my skull agenst a tree

And I felt no more pain


We had a long time of peace when Featherfall moved to the nursurry

But that peace ended


Featherfall and Nightwave


Found together

And their kits ripped out of Featherfall's belly

They hadn't even been born yet

And they were murdered under the claws of a cat

Nightwave's head

Was a mess of blood and bone

And Featherfall's eyeballs

Torn out of her head

I was a horrible why to die

The most brutal out of all the murders

My sister and her mate



I wish I didn't see it

Starclan it was awful

The grass stained red

From Nightwave's and Featherfall's blood

And there kits

Hardly formed

Were torn out of Featherfall


I can't believe

A cat would do this to another cat


I went with Nettlesting on a patrol

To streach my legs

Avalanchstorm looked after our kits

With Redflame, Wolfclaw, and Cougertooth

We came across Featherfall and Nightwave


We burried them there

And said our prairs

To Starclan

We came back to camp

To see it destroyed

Ashflower, Minnowtail, Graynight

Only three amung the dead

And Then I saw Spottedstar's body

Stripped of all life

On the cold ground

Our clan mates started to hiss at us

They seemed to be lead by


He was a horrible warrior

Never followed orders

And now he's leading the clan


He yowled

Cold-blooded fox hearts

Shouted Swifttalon

I was so confused


Shouted Galeflight

I saw Nettlesting's kits with my kits

Next to Avalanchstorm

She seemed to be trying

To hide them

You caused all this

Hissed Sharpfang

We did none of the sort

Shouted Wolfclaw

I saw Wolfblizzard in the distance

Looking ashamed of himself

I saw Thrushflight

Being held prisoner by two warriors

Was the Dark Forest raised when we were gone


The camp destroyed

Sharpfang leading the clan

My father and many others dead

Can't be true

Sharpfang leaped at Snowdawn

I was able to block her

But he ripped open a long cut down my flank

And I fell to my knees

How does it feel

To die like all those you killed


Hissed Sharpfang

Why would I

Kill my father

And all those close to me

I replied


He hised at he tore open a wound in my throat

I slowly started to bleed out my life

Wolfblizzard rose to his paws


He cried as he tried to break through the crowd

Cats held him back

Sharpfang's followers

As my life ebbed away

I said these that word

I'll see you in the Dark Forest

You filthy son of a dog

Cougertooth and Redflame attacked Sharpfang

But then I saw no more


Redflame and I

Attacked that son of a dog


He hit Redflame

At least tree tail lenghts

Strait into a rock

He laied there motionless


Screached Snowdawn as he rush to his eyes

Tears pouring out of her

Bright green eyes

Nettlesting helped me fight

But two on twenty

Not to much hope of winning

Wolfblizzard rose to his paws in anger

He then said

It was not them who murdered all those cats

It was you


And your fox hearted followers

It was you

Who I was chaseing up the mountain

You were the ones

Who killed my father

My brother

And my friends

It was you who

Sucked the life away from

Featherfall and Nightwave

And their three unborn kits

I shall never forgive you

And your corupt

Blood thrirsty


A cat slashed across his face

And slamed him agenst the rock wall

And he lay motionless



I saw through the haze

Of my mind


Agenst the wall out cold

And I soon followed


I slashed Sharpfang's face

I turned around

To see my kit's heads

Torn from their

Tiny bodies

There blood pooled around my paws

Along with those

Just dead

I vow

To kill that blood thrist


And do to him

What he has done to everyone else



Had the kits snached from her jaws


Tore the heads of of

Nettlesting's kits

And thosed them on the ground

Next to their heart-broken mother

A bloody mess all over the camp

And then I saw


Implaed on a tree branch

Wounds oozing with blood

I slit Galestrike's throat

And pushed a rock throgh his heart

So he would feel

The pain of my kit


My kit's head decapitated

Rage built up inside me

I slit that Starclan forsaken tom's throat

He choked on his own blood

As it rose up from his throat

He fell to the ground

Now he can go rot in the Dark Forest

Like he deserves


All Sharpfang's followers

Fled like the cowards they are outside of clan territory

We burried the numerous dead

And the whole clan sat vigle for










And so many more


Became our new leader

For slaying

The murderer Sharpfang

Redflame vowed he would never fell in love again

After the death of Ashflower

But I wouln't be so sure

Stormkit lived

And became a warrior

Many moons later

Named Stormwolf

In honour of his father


Is in the nurrsury again

With Cougerstar's kits

And a great peace

Washed over the whole forest

And we all praise Starclan

For the gift of the warriors who have passed

And the blessing of thee warriors yet to come

For every cat means something

For we are the light in the dark

The salt of the earth

And Starclan's gift to the world

The End!

Explaning: VoicesEdit

This fanfiction was origialy titled "The Voice of Seven", because it was told from seven different pionts of veiw. The begining was based heavaly on the Montainclan Roleplay, but then strayed from it as the story prgressed. Many of the story's characters, inclueding Nightwave, one of the main characters, are not in the RP, nor do I want them to be. One of the main problems I've had writing this story is the character's diolouge. I have one thing to admit, I curse, a lot. When some of the characters speak, you might notice they say some odd things. This is beacause they are actually curseing, but since curseing is not allowed on this wiki, I have to change it a bit. When Wolfblizzard was struck by lightning, I changed it so he was climbing up the mountain instead of him being on the ground. He was on the mountain because he was chaseing Sharpfang, the true murderer. He was told to stay quiet or he, and his mate, would be killed. Another problem I had wrighting this is that the story hits the climax so sudenly. Sharpfang is only introduced at the end when Spottedstar died instead of apprearing in the body of the story.


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