"She may join the Clan, but I'll make sure she'll never forget you my dear beloved"
— Deerleap to Rosie in the time of Rosie's death
Current Clan MossClan
Past Clan(s) Rogue
Names Waterkit, Waterpaw, Waterfall
Mother Rosie
Father Deerleap
Littermates Murlus
Mate None
Kit(s) None
Mentor(s) Leaftail,Willowclaw
Apprentice(s) Firepaw,Dreampaw
Roleplayer Dawneh!!

Waterfall, a silverish gray beautiful she-cat with purple eyes. Small but heavy built body, short-haired. Nick in right ear, scar under left eye.


She was born a Rogue, born to Rosie, a cream colored She-cat. Rosie was mates with Deerleap, a warrior from MossClan. Waterfall was named Rain at the time and she grew up with only her mother because her father could never come. Rain was friends with Cres when he was a kit. She felt safe around him and his family. Rosie barley ever came to see Rain because Rosie was too busy with her twolegs. Rain had thought she had fell in love with Cres until one day he totally disppeared with Talos, his adopted kit. Rain was only 4 moons then and she stayed with her mother now at the twolegs nest. She had a hatred for the twolegs and decided to leave her mother for the life as a Rogue. Her mother had died from a poisoness snake bite but she got to see Rain and Deerleap before her death.

Rosie didn't know what she could do without Rain, knowing she would have to fend for herslef killed her on the inside. "Deerleap! Promise you'll let Rain join the Clan!" Rosie had rasped to Deerleap in the time of her death. "She may join the Clan, but I'll make sure she'll never forget you my dear beloved." Deerleap told her just as Rosie's life was slipping away. " good my dear.." Rosie sputtered out before her eyes glazed over and died.

Life in the Clan was different for Rain, or renamed Waterkit. Her foster mother was Burntclaw, a grumpy old she-cat still heavy with milk. Waterkit could never love Burntclaw like she did Rosie. Deerleap died shortly after from old age and Waterkit became an apprentice. She was renamed Waterpaw. She was a apprentice for about 7 moons when she was made a warrior for completing her final hunting assesment. She was then given her final name Waterfall.


Sweet calm quiet loving she-cat with a forgiving personality.